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Selezione Casillo is a new enterprise, a young firm with an old background that arise from the 50 years experience of Casillo Group (this is today considered a leader in wheat processing and marketing). Vincenzo Casillo started the activity in the milling sector in 1958 in Corato and since then the Casillo Group has successfully expanded its activities basing on important values such as integrity, transparency and respect.
With an innovative approach in the marketplace Selezione Casillo supplies very high quality flour; it provides to its Customers more than the biggest range of products, also a selection of innovative services devised for developing the business and then creating a new market value.
An important and well defined business that can be developed only with a reliable organization and an entrepreneur spirit that looks at the future.



Selezione Casillo S.r.l.

Via Sant'Elia z.i.
70033 Corato (BA) Italy

P. IVA 06723350721

Num. verde 800 198 416

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